18 December 2014

Final Post Riff

Some great opportunities have come my way and it’s time to shift the creative focus onto those projects. 

I'm extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to share my passion for rock music with readers all over the world.  

To the Faroe Islands, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Greece and Latvia:  who knew? 

Pat Benatar, your music is the reason I was able to carve out my own personal brand of rock stardom.  Margaret Cho, you're an amazing human being.  Lord knows where I'd be now if you hadn't said yes to the interview.  Many thanks.

Lady Bo, thanks for the article.

To Ken Phillips at Ken Phillilps Publicity Group, to the photographers and managers who worked with me, thanks for helping me create an awesome work of art. 

Special thanks to Pocket Honore and Wicked Wisdom.  You guys have been popping up in my life since 2006 and I'm forever grateful.  Thank you for sharing your talents with my readers and thank you Pocket for being a true professional.

Heartfelt thanks to the Magical Gypsy Photographer Jessica Lehrman.  Your work inspired me to follow my photography muse.  You are the Annie Leibovitz of your generation.

More thanks to Daisy Rock Guitars, Kenny Weissberg, HP Newquist and the National Guitar Museum, Dennis Manuel and the Facebook friends who supported this blog. Biggest thanks to the artists who create rock music from the blood, sweat and tears of your lives and share it with the universe.  You are the reason I love rock music.

Keep on rockin’.

Best Regards,
Renée Westbrook

OFF MY ROCKER book jacket courtesy of Sandra Jonas Publishing

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