29 October 2014

Strength Of The Single

“Try Me”
Cartoon You
Moses Mo
HedRhythm Records

Mother’s Finest man with the red guitar, Gary “Moses Mo” Moore, is all about the rhythm and rhythm is exactly what you get on “Try Me”, the number five cut from his solo release Cartoon You.

Moore’s vocals exude an agile confidence which enables him to dip in and out of speaking sections of the lyric with clarity.  His guitar playing comes straight from the Humble Pie and Illusion school of rock. He doesn't overplay or fill space with unnecessary strumming. 

As for the bass line, there’s the right amount of bulk in the right spots.  Hopscotching along in one place and staying true to straight funk's fatter bass patterns in another.  

Where straight funk emphasizes the downbeat and head-bobbing on the one, “Try Me” accentuates the pullback part of the bob on the two, but there’s still plenty thump to make your booty bump.

Not quite as prominent as the B-3 in the verses of the Black Crowes’ "Diamond Ring", these organ fills bubble under the melody until they reach the boiling point.  That’s when the rock and roll Holy Ghost is officially invited into the hook to tap you on the butt with the gospel boogie wand.

Based on the strength of this single I would become a Jehovah’s Witness for a day and go door to door spreading the “Try Me” gospel of Moses Mo. 

Cartoon You album cover and blog background photo courtesy of Gary Moore

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