31 October 2014

Promoting Prince

Art Official Age
NPG/Warner Bros.

So far, just about every news outlet you can think of has covered the recent release of Prince’s Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum.  They’ve also previewed and promoted the hell out of his planned 8-minute jam on tomorrow night’s episode of Saturday Night Live.  

With all the hoopla surrounding the performance I figured I might as well promote the albums too (wink, wink).    

The Purple One’s solo LP Art Official Age is packed with his signature sounds and styles.  There’s an up tempo dance tune, “Art Official Cage”, and a serious funker “The Gold Standard”.  

The rest is standard slow to mid-tempo R&B fare that dudes play when they're trying to get their girlfriends to have sex with them.  Lots of cuddle appeal. 

Plectrumelectrum, the LP with his band 3rdEyeGirl featuring Donna Grantis on guitar, Hannah Ford Welton on drums and bass player Ida Nielsen, is harder edged with more volume and traditional rock guitar sounds.  

"Aintturninround" goes from grunge to punk funk and swirling psychedelia sequences swim through the wah-tastic instrumental "Plectrumelectrum". They're all great songs, most of them with a funk rock feel that's more rock than funk. 

"Anotherlove” doesn't go out of its way to prove the point.  It starts off with a well-deep downbeat like the one in Angie Stone’s “Brotha”, but don't be fooled by that.  THIS IS A ROCK SONG.  

Two-part Fleetwood Mac styled harmonies, hard driving rhythm guitar riffs with the bass leading the way into a screeching guitar solo that will make you rethink what it means to be a true musician.

No one knows better than Ida Nielsen what it means to be dedicated.  "The album was completely recorded live, analogue, old-school," she told Rolling Stone magazine. "It's going to pull something inside of you that you may not be feeling listening to music these days."

Real music.  Real musicians.  Winning.

NPG/Warner Bros.

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