20 September 2014

Rock Cellar Magazine

We stumbled on to Rock Cellar Magazine several months ago and haven’t been able to get it out of our minds since. 

Their editors say the magazine is a labor of love for those who enjoy older music and nostalgia.  For us, it goes way beyond that. 

RCM is dedicated to bringing you the heart and soul of rock music.  You get the bare bones, the brass tacks.  No frills, no nonsense.  It’s all about the music and that’s what we love. 

You can shop for t-shirts and guitars or read great interviews with Gene Simmons of KISS, Lita Ford, Nancy Wilson of Heart, Peter Frampton, Meat Loaf, Alice Cooper, Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith

When it comes to Rock Cellar Magazine, it’s all about the music.  


Blog background photo of Eric Singer:  Chris Westbrook
Gene Simmons, April 2014 cover courtesy of Rock Cellar Magazine

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