22 September 2014

Jennifer Batten's Rock Sauce For Lead

Stop what you’re doing.  Put your mobile phone down and go get your guitar because Jennifer Batten is here and she came to play.

You may remember her as the spikey-haired blonde playing the custom Ibanez Roadstar (pictured right), on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous tour. 

Since then she’s toured with Jeff Beck and recorded a few albums.  More recently, Batten has kept herself musically fit by authoring music books and teaching those famous runs.

With Jennifer Batten’s Rock Sauce For Lead, you’ll get up to 167 minutes worth of her legendary techniques.  So, take a look at this intro clip then go check out the series because there’s a Rock Sauce for Rhythm guitar too. 

(intermediate, late intermediate level players)

 Jennifer Batten and Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour photo credit:  Sam Emerson
Blog background photo of Eric Singer: Chris Westbrook

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