30 June 2014

Rock Doc Riffs: A Band Called Death

A Band Called Death
Drafthouse Films

When you think of great punk rock documentaries American Hardcore and End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones may be the first to jump out at you.  The Rise And Fall Of The Clash and The ClashWestway To The World are probably at the top of the list too.  

Rock docs with the “never give up on your dream” theme may well bring to mind Anvil! The Story Of Anvil and Don’t Stop Believin’ Everyman’s Journey.

A Band Called Death chronicles the rise, fall and phoenix-style resurrection of the first black punk rock band and it definitely belongs in the great punk rock doc category.  

But the best thing about this film is that it proves, in no uncertain terms, what can happen when you commit to your dream and never, no matter what takes place in your life, you never give up on that dream.

Must See Rock Docs
Lemmy (2010)
Afro-Punk (2003)

One-sheet/Image courtesy of Drafthouse Films

Background: Jacket illustration of Off My Rocker by Kenny Weissberg
courtesy of Sandra Jonas Publishing House/Hans Teensma/Bill Warren

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