15 January 2014

Artist On The Rise: Magical Gypsy Photographer Jessica Lehrman

Alluring.  Mesmerizing.  Hypnotic.  Emotionally urgent.  Filtered through the purity of a child’s eye lens; one that isn’t corrupted by disappointment or the pain of life experiences.  

A lens that enables you to see the absolute truth of the moment in real time, Jessica Lehrman time.

Iconic creations of extraordinary purpose;  an emotional clarity that says the time is NOW.  See me, feel me, listen with your eyes to my story of this incredible moment. 

Scaled down, stop motion murals living in kilobit sized files draw you in and take you on an unwitting journey.

Jessica creates with a Hasselblad 503c

“My name is Jessica. I take pictures of people.  Sometimes...

All photos © Jessica Lehrman.

Background:  Wicked Wisdom playing the 2013 Afropunk Festival.  From top to bottom: Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon on Anti-Fracking trip; Green Day, Yoko Ono and Susan Sarandon on Anti-Fracking trip, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, Garrett Stevenson and Jessica Lehrman.

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