19 June 2013

Missing Prince Again

Here it is mid-June and I’m just now recovering from yet another missed Prince concert.  The first was in 1982 at Golden Hall in downtown San Diego.  I was a twenty-something year old acting student with little to no money and anything that had to do with school like books, food, bus fare, clothing, was the priority. 

All of my theatre gang knew he was coming.  Some made plans to see him; others threw in the towel before the fight even started.  I was one of the surrendered so, no Prince concert for me. 

The second time I missed a Prince show I was living in Los Angeles.  I don’t remember if it was the mid/late 80s or the early 90s and I’m not sure if the venue was the Universal (now the Gibson) Amphitheater or the (Los Angeles) Forum, but my oldest brother, a self-proclaimed Prince aficionado, had two tickets.   

But big bro only called me after he called all of his friends who couldn’t make it, which meant he called me at the very last minute.  There was no way I could have made it to the venue from the Culver City area, by bus, on time.  I would have missed a huge portion, if not the majority, of the show and that was unacceptable.  

I really thought the third time would be a charm though.  I was so excited.  Prince is coming back to San Diego!  May 3rd and 4th!  And I can cover the show for Renée’s Rock Reviews! Perfect.  The universe has finally conspired in my favor.  This. Is. It. 

I left several messages for my contact in Prince’s camp who promised to do me a favor because I donated a portion of my record collection to His Royal Purpleness (I’m still waiting for Prince to confirm receipt of those discs). 

And... crickets. 

Then I used every skill in my dusty freelance writer arsenal to create a pitch that would hook the PR Honcho at the scheduled venue.  I pitched early enough so I wouldn’t crowd her and I actually had a telephone conversation with her, at the end of which she told me they hadn’t issued any press credentials yet but she would surely give me a call when they did. 

Again, crickets. 

The week of the show I made a follow-up phone call to the PR Honcho who, by the way, sounded like she couldn’t have been more than 13 or 14 years old, and that’s when she laid it on me in that nasally, Kim Kardashian, Valley Girl tone:  “I’m sorry.  We’re not issuing press credentials for any of the shows and they wouldn’t give me a comp.  So-rry.” 

Why can’t I have a press credential or comp?  Is my blog too ugly?  Am I too ugly?  Am I too old?  Don’t you like my blog?  Don’t you like me?  Did my pitch suck?  Did you save all the comp tickets for your friends?  Can I be your friend for a night?  

Those were just some of the thoughts that ran through my head.  I felt stood up on prom night and cried like a bullied chick in a teen flick.  I’m serious.  I literally cried because I missed another Prince concert.  And I was pissed about it too.  I spent hours trying to contact his manager and the jerk in his camp who promised the favor but decided to let it go because I didn’t want to burn any bridges. 

But the fact remains.  The Purple Rocker was one bus ride and a few blocks walk away from me.  Prince was in town again playing an intimate show with his all-female band 3rd EyeGirl and I MISSED IT!  AGAIN! 

I heard he put on a good show as usual and yes I’m upset that I missed another one of his concerts.  But what really chokes my chicken is the fact that I couldn’t at least get a press credential because according to the public relations executive, no press credentials were issued for any of the shows and they wouldn’t give her a comp. 

Honestly there’s a part of me that thinks she took one look at this blog, thumbed her nose at it and made up a tall tale -- but I’ll have to take her word for it.  No press credentials were issued and they wouldn’t give her a comp. 

I do so love music. 


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