16 June 2012

Strength Of The Single

If you really want to forget yourself and play air guitar like a Grammy® winning arena rocker then you have got to listen to “The Night” from Heart’s Brigade (Capitol, 1990).

The creepy southern gothic sounding intro makes you think of Mr. Rock Of Ages himself Tom Cruise, as Lestat  in Interview With The Vampire, crawling out of the swamp after being left for dead by Louis and Claudia.

The next thing you know dude gets his strength back and saunters through the darkened streets high as a kite on liquid eternal life.  He drops a newbie undead off in the alley behind the club and the minute he crosses the threshold boom! 

The slammin’ begins.

Funk filled and definitely not for Bieber lovers or Lil’ Wayne thugs, the Sammy Hagar/Denny Carmassi (ASCAP), penned head banger is so good it makes you want to slap your mama across the face and scream ROOOOOOCK!

Ann Wilson’s on the money interpretation, Howard Leese’s nimble fingered lead and Nancy Wilson’s second to none harmony form a peel your skin off hard rock tune that bangs like hard rock music should.

For those of you who like your hard rock straight up and nasty you will immediately become addicted to this song.  In fact, I predict you’ll listen to it at least once a day until your air guitar amplifier explodes.

Based on the strength of this single I would wait for Lestat on a dark street corner at midnight on Friday the 13th with a full moon rising and beg for a plus one into the club.

- Renée Westbrook

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