02 November 2011

Rolling Stones Riff

I watched “Ladies and Gentlemen: the Rolling Stones” the other day and got so excited.  Rollin Binzer’s film of the 1972 U.S. tour highlights is incredible.  Not because of the cinematography or camera angles or format.

Because it’s the Stones, man.  The Stones.  In their heyday, their "Exile On Main Street" prime.

Age wise, I fall into the generation that came after Baby Boomers so I can’t possibly sound like an ex- hippie freak longing for the old days.  But the Stones in their heyday?  Watching the movie made me want to call Samantha Stevens and ask her to personally twitch me into Rolling Stones hippie freak heaven.

Mick Jagger is his fabulous, thick lipped singing self, the junk in his front bulging in a slinky jump suit that only he could pull off.  Keith with his shagariffic hairdo, blazing away on rhythm guitar like his only friend in the world is the song he’s playing at that very moment.  An expressionless Wyman and Watts carrying it all as usual and Mick Taylor doing his thing.

Frenetic energy and a passion for the music.  That’s what I loved most about watching them.  You can feel their passion and outright love for the music.  If you watch long enough Jagger’s version of the pony dance makes you want to stand up and do your best Mick Jagger impersonation.   That is cool. 

Don’t forget to check out what The Official site of the Rolling Stones calls the “re-mastered, expanded, Super-Deluxe, Deluxe and Digital editions of 'Some Girls', the groundbreaking album which introduced the music of the Rolling Stones to a whole new generation of fans.” 

It’s due out November 21.

- Renée Westbrook

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