10 September 2011

Porcelain Doll Riff

Why the hell haven’t we heard more of Megan McCauley’s music?  Some of you may have watched her sing “Porcelain Doll” on the Dr. Phil show a few years back.  She and her stage mother were trying to resolve their mother/daughter issues before the final commercial break but it didn’t quite work out.

After the show I waited for days, weeks, then months, but nothing.  Not a single peep about this absolutely fabulous singer.  I thought for sure she’d become a huge star. 

Then I remembered something.  Demographics, Q-ratings, and the Britney factor.  McCauley doesn’t neatly fit into a teen popqueen box.  She's cursed with the Albino Gazelle syndrome.  She’s different, tough to market. 

Maybe it’s something else.  Is she a nightmare to work with?  Does she have an insane proclivity for semi-sweet chocolate covered prunes and promoters think it’s too difficult a rider request to fill? 

Does she talk back to managers and label mucky mucks?  Is she too far out in left field?  WHO CARES!?  I want to hear more of her music and I think the world deserves to experience her remarkable talent. 

I'm just sayin'. 

Renée Westbrook  

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