09 August 2011

Quintessential Faves

Street Faërie by Cree Summer, the actress who played the ditsy, tree hugging Freddie Brooks on “A Different World”, is another one of my quintessential faves.

I love listening to this album when I’m on long distance train rides.  The gentle swaying motion of the train makes me feel like I'm in my grandmother's rocking chair, two rocks away from snoozville.     

The clean, open sound of tunes like "Naheo", "Revelation Sunshine", "Mean Sleep",  and "Deliciously Down" close the Sandman's door and gently guide me into a state of open-eyed pleasure and contentment.

The album isn't over-produced and only uses instruments that are absolutely
necessary.  Oh yeah, it's full of producer Lenny's Kravitz's signature grooves too.

Most interesting tune:  “Curious White Boy”, an African American woman's commentary on her interracial relationship.  It’s a great off kilter, dissonant punk, backwards funk-ish tune that has a great theatrical vibe. 

Too bad we didn't get to hear more of this kind of album from Cree Summer. 

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