29 June 2011

Strength Of the Single: "Perfect Stranger"

Imagine a jam session at San Francisco’s Fillmore Auditorium during the summer of love.  Keith Moon and Steve Winwood are on stage playing with members of Cream and White Heart. 

The atmosphere is charged with psychedelic love for all things music, the audience in awe of the temporary amalgamation.

Add an early new wave/punk attitude to the mix and what do you hear?  “Perfect Stranger” from Wendy & Lisa’s new EP “Snapshots”.   It's a wonderful rocking departure from their funk/ R&B base and is definitely a first cousin of psychedelic rock from the peace and love era.

The coolest element of this song is the driving rhythm guitar effects.  They belong to the “Barracuda” family of guitar sound and immediately strap you in for the wild ride.  Unassuming lyrics obviously hold much deeper meaning than what we hear on the surface and those Moon-ish drums create a busy balance for the bass to thrive on.  

There are a couple of bars of modern techno at the end of the bridge, but they don’t detract from the song’s core.  They’re perfectly placed and push the Hallelujah organ fills full speed into a raunchy guitar solo.

Based on the strength of this single I would blast it on a boom box while playing air guitar in the middle of downtown San Francisco and have a good time doing it.   “Perfect Stranger” rocks. 

- Renée Westbrook

Album cover photo by Wendy Melvoin

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