21 June 2011

Strength Of the Single: "It's A Shame"

A few days ago I was watching a movie called “House Of 9” on cable television. It’s basically a cheeky knock off of the “Saw” films only there's no heinous torture contraptions involved.

Dennis Hopper playing a priest is what sucked me in beyond the set up, but somewhere in the second act boredom set in and I started daydreaming.   Then like a twister out of Dorothy Gale’s Kansas a voice blew through the screen and shook me out of my stupor.  

 “Who IS this guy?” I said out loud to myself.  “He sounds like he just died of heartbreak and his soul is caught in the purgatory of love.”  I listened long enough to figure out the title of the song then turned off the television and set out to find "It's A Shame" by Will Hoge.     

The track is Americana Rock with an opening undercurrent that, here in the live version, feels slightly similar to the bass line of “Walk On The Wild Side” (Lou Reed).  You can also hear a bit of guitar riff from The Who’s “Baba O’Reily” in the chorus.

What makes this song so special is that soulful voice flying high above the loosely anchored melody. You don’t know where Hoge’s taking the next note, but purgatory or not, you darn sure want to follow him.

Based on the strength of this single I recommend you stop whatever you’re doing and watch Will Hoge sing.  You'll definitely want to hear more of his music.  

- Renée Westbrook

Photo by Andrew Southam
courtesy of The Green Room PR Nashville, TN

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