02 June 2011

Quintessential Faves

Flaming Red by Patty Griffin is the CD that lived in the disc changer of my sound system 24/7. Having it at the ready gave me a sense of well-being. Why go through the tedious find-open-remove-and-play chore every time I wanted to hear it? I couldn’t wait that long. My magic carpet had to be ready to fly at any given moment. 

When a lame-o pop star and his Mr. Somebody manager gave me the run around then cancelled an interview at the last minute - bam. “One Big Love” took the edge off. On payday the funky head bobber “Wiggley Fingers” added at least three zeros to my paycheck and it was on.
I plugged in my cream colored Mexican Strat, turned my Marshall mini amp up to ten and there I was. A full blown bedroom rock star on stage shredding my brains out with not a single care in the world.

Wow. I sound like a puberty stricken, pimply faced teen with no friends. Guess I’ll go listen to “Blue Sky” and be grateful Flaming Red is there to fly me away. Faves are essential.

- Renée

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