31 May 2011

Good Music

My weekend trips to the record shop back in the day were always interesting. I’d hop on the downtown bus, get off on Tenth and Market then walk over to G Street. I couldn’t afford the latest Pat Benatar or Bryan Adams album so I did the next best thing. I went to the über discount section of the shop and bought albums by artists like Cindy Bullens, Roger Voudouris, The Elektrics, Jane Olivor, and one of Charlie’s finest angels Cheryl Ladd.

Good music. That’s what I found in those dusty old record bins. I listened to what sounded good to my ear; music that transported me out of myself and transformed my fear driven old feelings into faith based new ones. That’s what good music does for me. It turns sour into sweet, negative into positive. It makes me believe in the impossible and moves me into action.

That downtown record shop no longer exists, but because of modern technology and digital media I no longer have to take a bus ride to find good sounds. All I have to do is open the Media Guide on my Windows Media Player and voilà! Good music.

Mainstream music is good too. I love mainstream music. But when I find something like
BlackberryWednesday’s “Hey I”, I get all tingly inside. The Scott Stapp sounding lead singer and grungy guitars moved me to click on the band’s web link. Next thing you know I’m writing about them in my blog.   Good music.

- Renée

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